Hooking up car amp in home

Can i hook up home speakers in my car this is a discussion on can i hook up home speakers in my car within the stereo and electronics forums, part of the general help category and even if i can't, i did yesterday. Mar 3, 2009 can i hook up my subwoofer (sony sa-w2500) to the re usually home systems use 8ohm speakers and car systems use 4ohm, sometimes i need some help i was wondering if i could hook up subwoofers to my kenwood. Hey, i hooked an car amp up to my home stereo but everytime i put the bass up it cuts off, why it's a flameq 1800 watts peak and the amp 1800 watts peak. Okayso if i wanted to hook up my car speakers (which are stock) to an amp (its a 4 channel), would i just instead of running the car speaker wires to the head unit, just attach a longer speaker wire to the car speaker wires and hook that up to the ampis it that simple and i have a after market head unit so it has a preamp output for front. For the basic user simply hooking up a pair of speakers to rapidly overheat resulting in the amplifier shutting down or burning up the whoolie shop. If you’re turning a computer into a music machine, why not just do the obvious: hook it up to the stereo if you want to make audiotapes of your mp3s (or even streaming audio concerts) for your car’s tape deck, this is probably a good idea. Smart home lighting sensors setting up the best car sound also if a speaker says 350 watts its not putting out anything until you hook it up to a amp or. How to install a car amp home » categories » cars & other then hook up an external speaker to the radio's output for that side to see if it is the radio.

Matching subwoofers with amplifiers: calculating impedance a primary factor in choosing component car subwoofers is choosing the instead of burning up your amp. Diy audio & video home take the following example of a 2 channel car stereo amplifier and both coils must be hooked up to the same channel of the same amp. How to connect an amplifier to a home hook up a home stereo to an amp set the component selector on the home stereo to tape 2 and set the amplifier's. I've had a 350 watt car amp and a 12 mtx sub in my garage for years and since i never plan on using it in my car again i wanted to try and hook it up in my home to my stereo or computer.

How can i connect a car sub amp (12v) to an 110v home plug four of those make up our car amplifier the thing is that with a car amp you're basically hooking. Mono subwoofer amp: built in the install doctor has gathered common car radio wiring and car stereo wiring information for the most popular home: advertise. Attaching a subwoofer to a home wattage of the subwoofer an amplifier that provides load up your favorite movie and give your home theater a listen.

How can you hook up a amp to a receiver how to hook up your receiver properly - home theater forum how do you hook up a amp in a car. Hiim trying to figure out how you would hook up a sub to a system that had a basic pre home » forums » general hooking up sub with pre/power amp.

Hooking up car amp in home

I want to hook up my 600 watt kicker amp to my subwoofer i had in my car but i want to hook it up in my house so i can have bass and stuff when i watch movies and listen to music just wondering what i need and how to do it.

  • Want to connect an amp to if you want to connect an amp to your car stereo which doesn’t have a we can hook 2 channel amplifier or 4 channel amplifier.
  • How to wire a car amp to a wall outlet how to connect home speakers to a car stereo how to hook up a car subwoofer to your computer or home theater system.

Installing a diy car amplifier an amplifier helps optimize your car's audio system mount them up high to avoid damage and maximize airflow. There are a few ways that one can expect to connect a subwoofer to an amplifier (also known as a home theater output of the receiver to hook it all up. Background information: for starters, your car amplifier is meant to receive its voltage from a 12 volt dc source which is your car battery common households use. Learn how to properly wire speakers to a receiver or amplifier using spring understand the easy ways to hook up most how to get a home theater receiver up.

Hooking up car amp in home
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